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BINAS d.d. was established in 1950 and continued its work even during the war. Since then, the company has produced a variable assortment to support the defence industry. We are a company with a long tradition in manufacturing and marketing defence related products and posess high technical and processing potential. We have a long history of manufacturing, especially the fuzes, and have exported to many countries around the world, such as: Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Angola, Canada, Malaysia..... Our company is 51% state owned and 49% is owned by shareholders. BINAS d.d. produces all metal parts used in all our products (steel, aluminum, brass) as well as the plastic parts.

Our Products

40mm ammunition: -40x46mm LV cartridges – HE, HEDP, TP, TPT -40x53mm HV cartridges- HE, TP, TPT Gun Primers

Fuzes -Artillery fuzes -Mortar Fuzes -Piezoelectric

Hand Grenades -Defensive Hand grenade -Practice Hand Grenade

Gun Primers